Babycenter HEALTH ‘Baby is a little girl’: Baby is a girl after being diagnosed with autism

‘Baby is a little girl’: Baby is a girl after being diagnosed with autism

A baby born with a rare genetic disorder has been named a girl in Australia after being identified as a boy at birth.

Baby Kayla is named after the late-night television show character Kayla Carty, and her parents say they are happy for their baby girl.

“We’re delighted and honoured to have the name Kayla,” her father, Ryan Carty told ABC News.

“[She’s] a little bit different from her brothers and sisters, who were always called boys, so she’s a bit of a different story.

She has a really bright future ahead of her and that’s what we’re really excited about.”

Ryan and his wife, Kayla, also have a daughter named for her.

Kayla was born in Queensland, Australia, in April and was referred to as Kaya by her doctors at the time, who thought she might be autistic.

The couple say they’ve never felt more confident about the future of their daughter.

Ryan says the baby was born with autism and now they are proud to call her Kayla.

“It’s very special to us, we’re very proud of what she’s going to be, she’s got this whole world she’s been born into,” Ryan said.

“She’s going through a very challenging time and we’re hoping she’ll be able to cope with it.”

Kayla has a rare gene that causes a condition called microcephaly, which causes a baby to be born with one head, smaller than average.

It can cause problems with speech, and she is now referred to by her parents as “Kaya” instead of her given name.

Ryan says he’s been happy with the name since the birth of their first child, a daughter who had autism.

“We didn’t know anything about the condition at the beginning and we just felt it was something we just had to get over with, we just thought it was really important,” Ryan told ABC news.

“I think we’re going to make her very happy because it’s been very difficult for her to come out of it.

Kaya has had a really good life, and we think that she’s an amazing, great little girl.”

Ryan says that Kayla’s life has been hard at times, but he says he is looking forward to the day when he can look after her and her siblings.

They say they want to give Kayla a chance at a normal life and to help her find a normal future.

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