Babycenter COMMUNITY Baby bed bugs bought on eBay

Baby bed bugs bought on eBay

Baby bed bug buyers in Melbourne are selling off baby bed bugs on the internet after finding the pests in bedding and other items on sale.

Key points:Baby bed bugs are being imported from Asia, and a number of products have been tested to see if they are safe for useBaby bed bug bites can cause serious, sometimes fatal, complications.

Products have been purchased on the black market from Asia and a few items have tested positive for the insects.

They include:Baby mattress, crib sheets, bed covers, pillows, bed sheets, pillow tops, pillow covers, blankets, bed mats, crib mats, bath towels, bath mats, bedding, pillowcases, towels, bed frames, bed linens, pillowing mats, pilly blankets, pillboxes, pillow cushions, pill boxes, bed cover cushions and other products.

Mr Zarek, who runs a online seller called Biodermic Beds, said the insects were not the first he had encountered in his Melbourne home.

“It’s quite the odd thing to find a bunch of bed bugs in a baby crib,” he said.

“I’m a big fan of all kinds of things, especially when they’re in the house.”

But, I mean, you have to take the risk.

“Mr Zorad said some of the items he bought had been tested and found to be safe, while others had not.”

If I’m not buying it I’m putting it up for sale, so it’s not for sale,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne’s Dr Sarah Hughes.”

A lot of it’s being bought on Ebay and some of it is actually being bought at a local furniture store.

“Sometimes they come and pick them up from the floor and put them up in the back of the shop and then go and take them out of the back.”

Dr Hughes said it was not unusual for people to buy items online, as they were not sure if the products would be suitable for their needs.

“They can be quite cheap, but they’re quite a bit of money,” she said.”[They] are not necessarily going to be as safe as the product that’s in the store.”[But] if you have the money, why not?

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