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What to do if you’re in a dogfight with your dog: How to handle the situation

This is the first of a three-part series by Guardian Australia covering the situation when your dog goes into a fight with another dog.

First up: How do you handle a fight between two dogs?

When your dog is getting into a dog fight, your instinct is to call the police.

However, this can be a difficult task.

First, you need to be sure your dog isn’t in a physical fight with you, or any other person.

If you’re worried about the safety of your dog, you may want to seek medical advice.

If your dog’s behaviour is inconsistent with that of a normal dog, or if you see the dog’s actions changing or acting strangely, you should seek medical help.

If your dog seems to be trying to fight your dog and the situation doesn’t seem to be under control, you might want to try to persuade your dog to calm down.

What do you do if your dog gets into a pet fight?

You can try to coax your dog into calming down by asking your dog what he wants to do.

If you can’t persuade your dogs to stop, try talking to your dog for 15 minutes.

If the dog seems unwilling to go back to the fight, then you can try talking it through with your owner, and if you are able, the owner may be able to calm the dog down by saying something like: “I’m going to take you out of here, now.”

However, if your pet does not seem willing to calm its body down, and is behaving erratically, you’ll need to use your animal control officer (ACO).

Your dog should have been trained to respond appropriately to the person who started the fight.

Your dog may be put in quarantine and monitored while you wait for an ACO to arrive.

If your dogs behaviour changes or the situation becomes increasingly dangerous, you could consider leaving your dog with the person that started the dog fight.

You might also want to keep your dog under quarantine until the ACO arrives.

You could also consider taking your dog outside to play if you can find an enclosed area where your dog can safely get away.

If so, you can leave your dog in your car.

Your animal control officers can also contact a pet behaviour specialist, who can assess your dog behaviour and make recommendations about what you can do to prevent your dog from getting involved in a fight.

If any of your dogs symptoms are getting worse or if your pets behaviour seems to have calmed down, you and your dog should consider a short stay at a veterinary hospital.

This is an extra step that you need not take.

If all of the above is not possible, you or your dog might need to take the dog to a veterinary clinic.

The vet can assess whether your dog may need a longer stay.

The veterinary clinic will be able take the dogs temperature, see how they are acting and then decide whether or not to take your dog out of quarantine.

The vet will assess your dogs condition and make a diagnosis of what is causing the problems.

It will also assess whether the dog needs further treatment, including surgery.

Once your vet has made their decision, you will be sent an e-mail explaining the situation and how to deal with the situation.

The clinic may decide to refer your dog back to you, but they can’t do anything else unless you decide to take them out of the quarantine facility.

You can contact your local Animal Control Department, which may be in the same city as your local animal control unit.

If the local animal health unit has a local dog unit, you must get approval from them first.

The Animal Health and Veterinary Services (AVSS) is responsible for keeping your pet safe and well.AVSS is available on 1300 971 556, and they are also on 1800 737 844.

If an animal health officer visits your local AVSS unit, they will be checking your dog before deciding whether or no they should take them back into quarantine.

If an AVSS vet sees your dog behaving errously, they may want you to bring your dog home with them.

You can call your local veterinarian and ask them to take care of your pet until they can make a decision about whether or how long your pet should stay at home.

If this is not an option for you, you have the option of taking your pet to a pet clinic.

These vets can assess the dog behaviour of your cat and other pets and make an appointment to take a dog from a quarantine facility to a veterinarian.

You will need to pay for your pet’s treatment.