Babycenter HEALTH Watch: A new baby in Australia

Watch: A new baby in Australia

In the wake of the birth of a baby boy, the world is on high alert.

It is not just the United States and China that are taking precautions.

And Australia is in the spotlight.

Australian media outlets have been reporting on baby bump sightings.

Australia’s prime minister, Tony Abbott, says he has spoken to the mother of the baby.

Abbott said on Thursday he was told by the mother that the baby was born with a “tentacle” in his head and was “a bit strange”.

“I’ve got to say I’m quite concerned about it,” Abbott said.

ABC’s Julia Edwards reports from Canberra.

“If you’re pregnant, you need to be very careful about the things you put in your vagina and I think the whole thing is probably going to get a lot of attention.

But I’m not saying we should rush to judgement.

We have to wait for the baby to be born.

So, I’m really concerned.”

Australia has seen a string of baby bumps in recent years.

On Monday, a baby was delivered at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Melbourne.

The mother and baby’s father were at the hospital to welcome the new arrival.

A second baby was found at a Brisbane hospital in July.

Earlier this month, a man with a baby bump in his mouth was taken to hospital after he went to the GP with a similar complaint.

Cases of newborn bumps are common.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there have been 1,085 cases of newborn bump since the first census in 1910.

Baby bumps are also becoming a national obsession.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been asked by US President Donald Trump to explain the new trend.

Mr Turnbull said he was “proud to be a baby”.

ABC News’ Sarah Bancroft and Dan Peledy contributed to this report.