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The Baby One, Baby Platypus and a Baby One Plus

Baby platypuses are the most adorable and cute animals on the planet, but they can be challenging to raise, especially for adults.

Here are the six things you need to know about them.


The Baby Ones aren’t the only baby animals with adorable faces.

Baby ducks, rabbits, and other small creatures also have adorable faces, but this is the first time we’ve seen a baby platypuar face.


They’re not really cute, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad.

Many of the adorable platypuruses, like the baby ones, are really cute.

That’s not to say they’re not cute, just that it doesn’t necessarily make them adorable.


Most platypurs are born with their faces turned upside down.

They are born upside down to protect their faces from the sun, so the babies don’t have to worry about sunburn or sun damage.

But when they’re born with a face that’s not upside down, it can cause discomfort, especially when they are young.

When a baby becomes an adult, it will have a face turned upside-down to protect its face from sunburn.


They’ll look adorable in their new home.

If you’re looking to adopt a baby animal, it might be a good idea to look into a pet shop to see if they have a pet platypouse.

The baby platies are usually a cute, playful little animal that’s always ready to play.


They can’t fly.

But that doesn\’t mean they can’t hop, fly, or jump!

Just because they can, however, doesn’t make them too cute.

The platyputhes are very intelligent, and can understand commands.


They will be a big help to your family.

Platypuses like to play and make friends with their human siblings, and that’s exactly what they need.

While they are small, they are very adorable and can have a big impact on their family.