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How to make your own baby shark cake

The most popular baby shark dessert recipe on Facebook can be found at Baby Shark Cake. 

It’s a mixture of white coconut milk, almond milk, honey and honeycomb. 

The recipe comes with instructions for how to make a coconut milk sponge cake.

“You can do this in one go, or you can go ahead and do it on a day when you don’t have a lot of coconut milk,” Ms McBain said.

“It’s super easy, so you can make it for yourself and make it as an appetiser for your kids.”

Ms McBaine said she also found the recipe to be super versatile.

“If you want to make the cake to be a cake or to serve it as a dip, then you can do that as well.”

Or you can put it in a crockpot and bake it in the oven and then when it’s done you can serve it over rice or rice pudding.

“The recipes also have instructions for using coconut milk as a substitute for egg yolk.

For a simple cake that doesn’t require any additions, she said: “Use coconut milk and almond milk for the base.

Then add in vanilla, coconut cream and cinnamon and you’ve got yourself a nice cake.

“You don’t need to be overly sweet, it’s a cake that’s super healthy.”

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