Babycenter PREGNANCY #BabyGiftGreeting: Baby Bathtub Gift Guide for #BabyBabies

#BabyGiftGreeting: Baby Bathtub Gift Guide for #BabyBabies

Baby bath tubs have long been an iconic feature in modern homes and, as a result, are a very popular gift with both parents.

With a baby shower coming up this week, we thought we’d take a look at what you need to know to get a bathtub gift for your baby this summer.1.

You need to make sure the tub is at least six feet long.2.

You can buy a tub that is taller than the baby’s head.3.

Be sure to check out the bathtub for safety reasons.4.

You don’t want to use a baby’s favorite color or have a baby who likes to have fun.5.

Be mindful of the dimensions of the tub when making the gift.6.

Make sure the bath is not in a rush.7.

Be prepared to take your baby home for a bath if the bath isn’t finished.8.

If you are planning to take the bath, make sure you get a tub in a color that matches the baby.9.

Be careful to be mindful of your baby’s height.10.

Be very careful when it comes to baby showering.11.

Don’t give the baby a bath that is too big for the baby, too small for him, or too soft.12.

Don´t use a bath tub with a “big boy” tub or a “little boy” bathtub.13.

If possible, be sure to get one that is not made for the size of your child.14.

Be aware of the colors of baby bathtubs, and make sure they match your baby.15.

You should check out bathtub decor for inspiration, and be aware of baby toys and accessories.16.

Make the gift a personalized one.17.

You might want to make a gift that doesn’t involve a lot of fuss.18.

Baby shower gifts are typically limited to a few items.19.

It is also important to keep in mind that baby bathtub gifts are only for the time the shower is taking place.