Babycenter BABY Baby Ray shoots himself in the head in Thailand

Baby Ray shoots himself in the head in Thailand

A baby Ray, who was born with the rare congenital heart condition, has died after shooting himself in his head in a Bangkok suburb.

Ray, who suffered from congenital chest and neck syndrome, was born on March 10.

The baby’s father was visiting the family’s home in the Bangkok suburb of Jigyal, when Ray was just three weeks old.

Ray’s parents, Chiang and Chiang Nguema, said Ray was born without any external organs, and was given his own ventilator.

Chiang Ngoema said Ray’s mother and father had asked Ray’s parents to take him to a hospital for further tests.

The father said Ray suffered from the condition, which is known as congenital cardiomyopathy, and had a ventilating machine fitted to his ventilators.

The boy, who weighed less than 2kg (5lb) at birth, was placed on life support, and the family had been forced to take shelter in the garage of the family home.

Ray was moved to the Thai Medical Research Institute in Thammasat after a few days, and is now recovering at home.

The Thai Medical Council said it would look into the cause of Ray’s death.

It said it was aware of reports that Ray was being treated for congenital cardiac problems.

A spokesperson for the Royal Thai Medical University said they would provide a statement on the case soon.