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Which babies are better for you?

Baby aspirin is a popular medication for children under three years of age.

It’s often prescribed for a variety of conditions, including ear infections and allergies.

Here are five reasons why.


Baby aspirin reduces inflammation, but the downside?

In theory, it reduces the risk of developing a variety.

The side effects include fever, rash and ear infections.

But researchers are still unsure of its effectiveness.


If you’re using the medication, you might be more likely to have complications.

Some experts suggest that the medicine should be taken as directed, and should be used only under doctor supervision.


Baby blue may not be the best color for babies.

It is known that blue babies tend to have more red blood cells, and this may lead to higher levels of inflammation and more infections.

Some studies have also found that babies of blue parents may have more blood clots in their legs and lungs.


Some babies don’t respond to the medication well.

In one study, babies who were given baby blue were more likely than babies of any other color to experience side effects.


The best way to use baby aspirin: Before the baby is born, make sure you’re comfortable taking the medicine.

After the baby comes home from hospital, check with your doctor for side effects before and after the procedure.