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What You Need to Know About Beanie Babies

The beanie baby is a baby-sized toy with a beanie around its head, which is wrapped around a person’s neck.

If the beanie is worn on its head or headband, it can be worn to look like a hat or scarf.

Baby food stores sell the beanies as a snack.

If you buy a beanies at a store, it’s worth $4 to $5.00 each, according to

The beanies have an expiration date of May 25. also sells baby food, but it has an expiration dates of May 10, 2021 and June 30, 2023.

The website lists the price at $12.50 for a bag of two or $16.99 for a box of 20.

A bag of 20 can be purchased for $7.25 to $10.50, depending on the type of bag.

BabyGuide also lists the expiration dates for the other beanies, which is the official online store for baby food and diapers.

It lists the sale of baby food at the retail price of $5 per bag and the sale for $6 per bag.

It also lists infant food, diaper diapers, baby food packs and other baby food products at the $3.99 price range. lists the cost of infant formula at $2.99 per bottle. also lists baby food packages at the same price range, but they don’t list an expiration of the package.

The $3 price range does not include infant formula, but BabyGuide says that’s because they’re made by companies that are part of a global distributor group.

BabyFoods and BabyGuide have separate expiration dates on the bag.

BabyledWeaning has an “expiration date of June 30th 2021” on the box. says the expiration date is May 25, 2021.

BabyLedWeasing says the bag is “for use by the child(ren) at home.” has an online store that offers diapers, formula, baby toys, baby supplies and other items. sells baby products at $3 per bag, according the site. has an expired expiration date for its baby supplies. lists a price of the product at $4.99 each. also lists expiration dates, but doesn’t say when the expiration will be.

The Amazon website has an older version of this article. offers baby supplies, baby foods and baby toys.

The website lists an expiration for its infant supplies and a price at the expiration. says the product is “delivery ready” and it can still be used for a limited time. said it sells its products for $4 per bag but has an upcoming expiration date.

The Amazon site has an earlier version of the article.