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How to choose the perfect baby name for you

LEMON, Iowa — The first names of the baby’s parents, Lil Jon and his wife, Stacey, are synonymous with an Iowa family, but their sons, Dwayne and Dwayne, are not so sure about their choice.

Dwayne’s father, Kevin, says he’s a bit more inclined to pick Lil Jon, a popular hip-hop artist who is a star in his own right, after hearing a recent story about the boy’s mother.

“I feel like I can give my opinion on what the boy should be called and it’s not like I’m saying he’s not a rapper,” Kevin said.

Dwight’s father is less sure.

“If he’s really a rapper, I’m not sure what that would mean,” said Dwight, a high school teacher.DWIGHT’S SON DAWN LEMONS APPROVAL FROM FAMILYDwights father, Frank, says Lil Jon’s name should be Dwayne.

Dawyn, as his parents call him, was born in 2014 at the hospital in Iowa City and is named after a favorite rapper from the 1980s.

He has a bright future ahead, but he is concerned about his son’s chances of succeeding.

“He has a lot of talent, but it’s very limited,” Frank said.

“It would be good if he had a better opportunity.”

While his son has plenty of talent and a chance, his father, who has also given his son a name change, thinks he has a much harder time than his son does.

“The first name of the boy, Lil, is kind of the most famous name for him,” Frank told ABC News.

“And I’m sure if I wanted to, I could have changed the name of him, but I just can’t because it’s just too embarrassing.”

Lil Jon is the son of comedian Frank and actress Stacey Johnson.

Dwayne is his second child.

His first child, Logan, was a baby in 2010.

He is a big fan of the hip-hoppers Lil B and the band Lil Wayne.

His parents have two daughters, Staci and Brittany, but Dwayne has a boy named Bryce.

“We got a lot in common,” Dwayne said of his parents.

“My mom is a teacher, so I’m pretty into sports and music and stuff like that.

My dad’s a lawyer and a teacher.”

Dwighters father says Dwayne would be a good name for his son.

“He’s probably going to be a little more popular with his friends,” he said.