Babycenter HEALTH Baby phat gif: Baby phats, baby yodas and more…

Baby phat gif: Baby phats, baby yodas and more…

Baby phatters has been in the spotlight lately, having been used to make some spectacular gifs on social media, but has also been seen in a range of different ways.

This time around the internet’s favourite baby has been made to play with a toy.

Baby Phat, who is a sweet little guy, has been seen playing with a ball in his mouth.

While the video is pretty adorable, the fact that it was posted on his birthday, which is next week, is a bit of a problem for him.

Baby phat has been sharing his video on his Instagram account with the caption “I’m going to play a little with a friend”.

But how is it possible that this baby is playing with an object with the intention of sucking it up?

Baby Phats family has previously said that he had been playing with balls for years.

“I used to play ball with my parents, so they used to have balls.

But I was always on my own, so I always found ways to get a ball,” he told the Daily Mail.”

They’re very hard to get.

They’re quite difficult.

I’m not a bad person.”

Baby Phatt’s parents, Jai and Taryn, said he was given a toy to play around with because his parents were having difficulty with the fact he was not yet 6 years old.

“The toy is so cute, and it’s a big ball,” Taryn told the Mail.

“He has a lot of toys, and he plays them like a big baby.

He loves to put things in his hand, and just sit on them and play.

He’s really excited to play.”

It’s so cute.

It’s a really fun toy, and we’re just excited to get it and put it in his hands.

“The family also said that the toy was not meant to be taken for granted, and was meant to help him learn.

Baby Phati has been making videos like this since he was a baby.

He was born on March 6, 2018, and has since become a YouTube sensation with his adorable antics.