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When baby koala shark baby filmed at sea

A baby koalas has been filmed on the sea during a visit to a tourist resort in South Africa.

The footage, which was filmed by a fisherman, shows the koala, which is about 2 months old, swimming along a sandy beach.

It is unclear whether the video was recorded by the fisherman himself or by the local tourism company, which had set up a camera on the beach to document the animal.

The koala was released to the visitors, who were given a certificate to bring back the baby koalan, which they then brought back to the resort.

The tourists are from France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Baby koalaws are considered critically endangered in South African waters.

A baby koali is released into the water in South Australia’s Port Hedland in March.

In a statement, South Africa’s Ministry of Tourism said it was aware of the footage and the company that set up the camera was accredited by the International Koala Trust.

South Africa is the third country to release baby koals to the public after a group of South African tourists was caught on camera taking a selfie with a baby koan at a tourist attraction in South Korea in 2014.

But the South African government said the tourist group was not accredited and that the video had been doctored to remove the animal from the water.

This year, the South Korean government announced it would release more than 1,000 baby koas into the wild.