Babycenter PREGNANCY ‘The world’s first baby car’: New Scientist

‘The world’s first baby car’: New Scientist

A little girl named Janna has been the first person to drive a car, as part of the BabyCar Challenge.

Janna was born at just two weeks old and is expected to be the first baby to drive in an autonomous vehicle.

Jana was born in the UK on April 3, 2016 and the team behind the challenge, based at Oxford University, are trying to raise funds to help pay for a test drive.

Jenna, who has a rare genetic disorder called microcephaly, has cerebral palsy and the baby is expected in 2018 to be born in a UK hospital.

In addition to her special needs, Janna is expected one day to have a heart and lungs transplant.

Her father, Paul, says Janna’s mother, Samantha, was “lucky to have her.”

She is now looking after Janna, and he is hoping to find a way to give her a second chance.

Juna is the first child born with microcepaly and her parents have already raised more than £1,000 for the charity.

She has had a range of medical tests and is in good condition.

She is not expected to live past six months, and Paul says that she is unlikely to ever walk or talk again.

He says she is “a beautiful baby girl who has given me a huge amount of joy” and that he is “really excited” to give Janna another chance.

The BabyCar challenge is being run by the charity Childbirth UK, which is supporting Juna and her family to get the car in the first place.

This video was produced for BBC World News, by Rebecca Taylor.

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