Babycenter BABY How to Make Your Baby Bat Dance Like a Boss Baby

How to Make Your Baby Bat Dance Like a Boss Baby

The baby bat dance is a baby’s favorite way to go.

Here’s how to do it with baby gear.

(And, we don’t want to scare your baby.

This is what a baby bat looks like.)1.

Create a Baby Bat Box and Attach Baby Bats to it1.

Put your baby bat into the box.

You can do this by attaching it to your crib or to a baby seat.2.

Put a small bag of baby food in the baby bat box.

Put the baby’s bat inside the bag, and wrap the bag around your baby in a way that allows it to fall down.3.

Put some baby clothing on the baby and put the baby in the box for a couple of hours, then take your baby out.4.

When you’re ready to go, unplug the baby from the box and put it in the fridge overnight.

You may need to do this for several days, depending on how well the bat is eating.5.

Take the bat to the park and give it a run.

Baby bats are big, so they’re very fun to play with.6.

Bring the bat home and start to play around with it.

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