Babycenter PREGNANCY How the first baby jesus video got a million views

How the first baby jesus video got a million views

Baby Jesus is not dead yet!

That is for sure!

The first baby Jesus video, which was shot by an Australian family, has now gone viral on YouTube with over 20 million views, and now has over two million subscribers on the platform.

The video was posted to the family’s Facebook page on March 4th, and it is being called a “momentous milestone” for the family.

The baby Jesus was born on February 21, 2018, and his name is JESUS.

“Our baby is a miracle,” the family wrote on Facebook.

“We are grateful to God for saving him from a very challenging and life threatening condition.

His mother has been incredibly supportive and caring throughout this time.”

The video, entitled “Baby Jesus, The Miracle,” was filmed by a group of parents and their children in Melbourne.

The family described the baby Jesus as having an extremely thin face and a small face, and said he was suffering from severe respiratory issues.

“His heart rate is very low,” the Facebook post said.

“He has been on oxygen for about 12 hours per day for the past two months and has started to wake up.”

It also said the family has been trying to raise money for medical treatment for the baby.

“In this video, we have seen our son in a very unique and miraculous way,” the post said, adding that they had seen a “miracle” when the baby’s heart rate dropped.

“This is a life changing moment for us, as well as for all of our family.”

The family told ABC Radio Melbourne they are trying to use their video to raise awareness for children with respiratory illnesses, and they are now trying to do that by using social media.

The Baby Jesus video has now garnered more than a million likes on YouTube.

“A few weeks ago, I asked my friends to make sure their kids were safe,” the mother of the baby said.

The post continued, saying that the baby has been living with a ventilator for the last month and a half, and has been in and out of the hospital every day since.

“Since we’ve got the money raised, we’ve been in an intense fundraising drive to get the baby in a proper ventilating system,” she said.

As of today, the family have raised more than $4,500 towards the medical costs for their baby.

The full story can be read on ABC Radio Australia.