Babycenter COMMUNITY ‘Baby Kangaroo’ baby phatted, drugged, raped, ‘gagged’ by her parents before being killed

‘Baby Kangaroo’ baby phatted, drugged, raped, ‘gagged’ by her parents before being killed

PETA released a video showing the moment the mother and baby were left alone for several hours, before their bodies were dumped in a pond.

The baby was found dead in the water in the backyard of a home in West Virginia, and police have said the mother, who is still missing, was drugged and raped.

The mother and child are not identified, but a PETA investigator said they were “Baby Kangaroos.”PETA posted a video of the incident, saying the mother’s body was “blistered and bruised,” while the baby’s body had “small cuts and bruises.”

The investigation has now been turned over to the state attorney’s office, where the mother was found “dead of an apparent overdose of prescription drugs and alcohol.”

Pete Seeger, the president of the animal rights group, said he was “deeply saddened” by the killing of the baby.

“The tragic, senseless, and cowardly act of brutalizing, torturing and killing a baby in this way has no place in America,” he said in a statement.PETA said it will not be releasing the mother or baby’s remains until they are identified.

Pete said the animal welfare group will continue to investigate and “provide whatever information is necessary to protect the public.”

Peta posted the video to Facebook, along with a statement about the “pinkwashing” of animals.

“There is no place for this kind of cruelty in America, and PETA is committed to exposing the ugly, dirty, and cruel ways animals are treated,” the statement read.

“PETA will continue working to stop the killing, tortures and cruelty of our animals.”

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